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This lymphatic brush is designed to stimulate healthy lymph flow. The patented design features a unique bristle pattern and density combination that grips the skin in a precise way, targeting the superficial lymph vessels residing just under the skin.

Combined with specialized techniques, it mimics the passive contractions of the lymph vessels to propel fluids and stimulate lymph flow manually.


The ergonomic contoured shape ensures proper contact with the skin's surface and accurate alignment with the lymph nodes and lymphatic pathways.


In basic terms, it creates a sweeping motion that makes it more accurate for draining lymph fluid retention. Therefore, you can brush your whole body efficiently and effectively anytime in the comfort of your own space, home or away. 


Use caution and alter treatment if you have:

  • Bronchitis: don’t use directly over sternum
  • Menstruation: can make period heavier
  • Nevus (Raised Mole): work around
  • Low Blood Pressure: be careful of over-use, do shorter sessions
  • Hyperactive Thyroid: do not work on thyroid directly

Do not use if you have:

  • Active cancer
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Acute infection or inflammation

The Lymphatic Brush

    • Reduce swelling; oedema
    • Filter cellular waste, cellulite
    • Pain relief, anti-inflammatory
    • Calm nervous system
    • Improve digestion
    • Aid in sports performance, recovery
    • Accelerate healing; post-operative
    • Increase nutrient absorption
    • Minimize puffiness
    • Clear & Vibrant skin
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